Trading Standards have some more scams to share with you this week –

  • Residents are receiving phone calls from callers claiming to be checking up on customers who have previously had insulation work done. The caller will be very pushy, trying to make an appointment to come and do a survey or a thermal check on walls and attics! These will not be qualified inspectors, they will always “find a problem” and will charge you to resolve it. NEVER engage with anyone calling about this and NEVER allow them access to your property. If you are at all concerned about your home and insulation speak to somebody at the Footprint Trust who will be able to advise you
  • Be wary of emails out of the blue from somebody you may know or may have known in the past – these will try to play on your natural curiosity, saying things like, sad news about…….. or heres some photos you might like to see. NEVER click on any links or attachments these will be scams
  • Be wary of any callers trying to sell you care packages using emergency pendants. If you would like to speak to somebody about help do your own research and use a reliable and trustworthy company.
  • It appears that scammers are impersonating the Isle of Wight Council, one caller has reported receiving a call and the scammer told her that she had overpaid her Council Tax and tried to get her bank details to carry out a refund. NEVER give out your bank details over the phone to a stranger that has called you – they wont be giving you a refund they will empty your bank account.
  • Scam calls can come from local numbers too – one 01983 number claimed that the resident had had a payment taken by Amazon and then a further £1000 from her bank account. This could be very worrying but NEVER be tempted to respond to the instructions it is a SCAM
  • ALWAYS be wary of cold callers – whatever they are trying to sell or buy – NEVER engage with a trader on the doorstep

If you do receive a scam call you can always check the number on the website Who Called Me. If other recipients have checked the number out and added feedback it may help confirm that a call is a scammer

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