Some more scam warnings from Trading Standards this week –


  • Be wary of emails purporting to be large chain stores offering deals – they will usually ask you to click on a link or share the information with friends, these will be phishing scams and whilst you may not lose any money you will certainly be sharing your information which scammers can use in future scams
  • One resident reported receiving a call from BT to say that her line was being suspended due to alleged scam activity – Organisations like this will NEVER contact you like this – they are Multi National companies that have no idea what is going on with our telephones!
  • There is rising concern around phone calls that start with a question requiring a YES response, These were first reported in the States but now appear to be increasing here. The premise is that scammers can use the audio recording of your voice saying “YES” along with other information they may already have about you to apply for goods or services in your name. If a callers first question is a question such “as can you hear me?”, “Are you there?”, “Are you the homeowner?” either hang up straight away or try to use a different response to YES
  • More reports about the TV Licensing email scam, it will ask you to click on a link to renew or change the details of your direct debit – This is a SCAM – Never click on links in emails
  • We are seeing an increase in emails that look personal and chatty, advising that their phone line is unavailable and asking if you are free – this will be a SCAM – do not respond
  • There have been a lot of reports to the service about leaflets being delivered that look local and hand delivered. These were actually delivered by the Post Office and the company has already been investigated by the Advertising Standards Agency for producing fliers that are made to look local when in fact it is a national company. Remember fliers are easy and relatively cheap to produce so are NO guarantee that a trader is local or genuine.
  • Lots of reports about unsolicited calls relating to solar panels and insulation. These companies will try to encourage a site visit from a surveyor whereby they will try to persuade you to sign up to work that you don’t need or want.


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