A lot of crimes committed in the community are opportunist crimes. Please do whatever you can to minimise the risk of you becoming a victim –  

Homes – Keep your doors locked and valuable property away from windows. Keep handbags away from the front door. Don’t leave keys near the front door, or in reach of the letterbox. Don’t leave windows open when you go out – even tiny windows can be used, to hook open another window. Install lighting which can be triggered by movement sensors. Consider CCTV. More advice HERE

Vehicles – Keep your car locked and remove all valuable property from your car, including any bags and coats. Pull your car handle to CHECK it’s locked. If it’s a keyless entry car – make sure your car keys are not left within range for someone to copy the signal. To be sure, buy a ‘faraday pouch’. Thieves will break into cars for bags and coats, due to the possibility they may contain valuables. Thieves will search unlocked vehicles for ANYTHING – including, chargers, loose coins, sunglasses and keys. More advice HERE

Garages / Sheds – Fit strong locks and hardware to doors. Keep them locked and the valuable

https://cdn.neighbourhoodalert.co.uk/134/3463/b59b65fc-11d6-43d0-818a-fd68c4983082.JPG property inside secured to a fixed point. Install lighting which can be triggered by movement sensors. More advice HERE

Mopeds and Motorbikes – Please put your bike out of sight, if this is not possible, secure it with a thick chain and padlock to something solid. More advice HERE

Bicycles – Register your frame no on a free cycle database such as BikeRegister and Immobilise. This helps police identify stolen property easier and return it to its rightful owner. Never leave a bike unlocked. Double lock it with 2 D locks – Lock the frame and both wheels to a secure cycle stand. Take removable parts with you.

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